Coin Cell

EcoCircuits provides a cost effective PMIC solution that increases the peak power capability in battery supplied IoT devices.

  • IoT devices, especially sensor nodes typically have very low power consumption. Only during radio transmission a large power burst is needed.
  • Coin Cell Batteries (like CR2032) are very small, cheap and lightweight
  • Coin Cell Batteries have an extremely low self-discharge rate
  • Coin cell batteries are unable to deliver high peak currents. In many cases larger type of batteries (like CR123) are used instead. These are larger and more expensive.

EcoCircuits’ Battery Booster PMIC:

  • Increases the battery’s peak power capability to 400mW
  • Has a regulated, low ripple output voltage
  • Low quiescent current (<50nA)
  • Small Chip (2×3 mm) and 3 passives
  • Output energy is easily scalable.

Compared to other solutions, EcoCircuits’ PMIC can extend the battery lifetime 10 times.

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